​Serious Henry Meets Little Ricky is the first book in a series of books that teaches children to make wise choices. Serious Henry uses good judgement in all situations.  Little Ricky is the carefree character that becomes Serious Henry’s best friend. The first book is the start of the two best friends’ many adventures to come. (Book 1)

serious henry is serious about making friends
Serious Henry Meets Little Ricky

Little Ricky, Serious Henry’s best friend, finds a superhero lunchbox in the school playground and refuses to turn it in to the school lost and found. When Little Ricky loses something he values, he is sad. Serious Henry helps Little Ricky to understand why the best policy is honesty. (Book 2)


serious henry is serious about STUDYING

Serious Henry is serious about sharing.  When a group of their friends go out for pizza after their soccer game, one of the friends loses his money. Serious Henry teaches the kids to make wise choices when a friend has a problem.  They also see how doing the right things reap unexpected gifts.  (Book 5)

Serious Henry’s best friend, Little Ricky, wants to have friends that only look like he does. Serious Henry points out to Little Ricky why he should want to make friends with every good boy and good girl. Serious Henry teaches Little Ricky that any good boy or girl can make a wonderful friend. (Book 3)

Serious Henry is serious about studying because he wants to make good grades, make his parents proud and go to college when he gets old enough. He teaches his best friend, Little Ricky, to understand why studying is important to learning and future good times. (Book 4)

serious henry is serious about SHARING
serious henry is serious about BEING honest